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Strategy Health is a Distributor of Quality Health promoting products

These include Active Elements, Salvestrol, Voluntastrols and LoveSkin products

Voluntastrols - A game changing research based technology enhancing your own evolutionary stimulus to support an improvement, and to maintain, healthy brain functioning. By harnessing essential phytonutrients (phyto meaning from plants) , Voluntastrols (vol-un-ta-strols) replenish energy, mood and brain health.

Voluntastrols work in a variety of synergistic ways and each has been chosen based on their ability to improve that "bounce out of bed in the morning" feeling!

LoveSkin products - My dream and my hope for LoveSkin is to reunite women with their inherent beauty, grace and strength, through a return to simple beauty products and rituals that remind us to cherish our bodies and love our skin.

I believe that when we commit to going within no one need ever go without.  I like to call it The Culture of Self Nurture. (Jo The Creator of LoveSkin products)

LoveSkin is about taking the time to reconnect with the essence of who you are through a return to timeless skincare rituals, using simple principles and gorgeous natural oils.

Salvestrols are a new class of natural anticancer phytochemicals which are found in plants and naturally eaten as part of a healthy diet. In the plant kingdom Salvestrols are manufactured by plants as a defence against pathogenic attacks. However due to modern farming techniques, plants do not have a need to manufacture their own internal defences, and as a result most commercial produce contains only small amounts of Salvestrols compared to their heritage and organic counterparts

Salvestrols are initially inactive and non-toxic, however when metabolized by the non-hepatic P450 enzyme CYP1B1 which is present in cancer cells the metabolites remaining in the cell are toxic and induces apoptosis in that cell. As CYP1B1 occurs in most cancer cells but is absent from normal cells, Salvestrols are very specific and are harmless to normal cells.

The Salvestrol range of products is used by many practioners to support clients as both a preventative and a treatment program for better health

Active Elements. Active Elements Mineral Therapy products were developed by Dr Leslie Fisher and have proved over 20 years that mineral balance of the body is essential to the maintenance of good health.

We invite Practitioners to register as prescribers of the Active Elements system. A comprehensive online assessment completed by clients is the backbone of the prescribing. There are nine Active Element formulae and the combinations enable clients and practitioners to prescribe solutions for individual needs

Active Elements are natural mineral therapy formulae manufactured under strict Health manufacturing guidelines in Australia. To find out more about Active Elements go to www.activeelements.co.nz

Active Elements offer a unique business opportunity for practitioners, for clients to regularly purchase product. The video on the left of this page describes in brief the system and its benefits, please take a look!

Check out the opportunities with Active Elements and register your interest at https://secure.activeelements.com/nz

Purchasing these products at wholesale is simple with online purchasing, discounts and free freight for bulk purchases at Strategy Health. Payment options include Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer and monthly account.

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